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4 Reasons Why You'll Love These Heat Therapy Masks

4 Reasons Why You'll Love These Heat Therapy Masks

After trying them for the first time in Japan, we knew that we had to bring them back with us. A staple in our carry-on bags and a must-have for days that we're tired or restless, these Lavender Heat Therapy Masks are a self-care item to help you recharge and relax. 

1) They relieve eye fatigue after too much screen time.

When you sit in front of a screen or use your phone for an extended period of time, your eyes may start to feel strained. We recommend taking a mask with you to work.

During your lunch, instead of playing games on your phone, pull out a mask and time 20 minutes for a quick nap. You'll feel refreshed and your eyes will also thank you. 

2) De-stress before bed for improved sleep.

When we're feeling upset, anxious, worried, angry, or irritated, it makes it much harder to drift off as we fixate on what's bothering us. The act of being consumed by the things on our mind is often futile.

After all, what does worrying ever accomplished? When you're in bed, slip on a heat therapy eye mask and temporarily let yourself forget about your concerns as you doze off to sleep and wake up to a new day. 

3) It's a new travel staple to grab and go. 

Bring a couple with you on the plane, train, or bus. It's light, portable, and easy-to-wear. It's self-heating which means that it does not use a battery so you won't have any issues before boarding your plane.  

Forget about thick and unflattering ear loops that break when stretched. You'll love these new ear loops! They're flexible, comfortable, and discreet. They were designed to look like a sleeping mask (but with the added self-heating feature). 

4) Heats up comfortably to 40 degrees Celsius. 

You don't need a battery. It's simple - just rip open the bag and wait a couple of seconds to a minute for the eye mask to heat up to 40 degrees Celsius. Then, sit back and relax. This soothing heat therapy for your eyes can last from 20 - 40+ minutes. 

Have you tried the Lavender Heat Therapy Eye Masks yet? When is your favorite time to use them? 

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