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5 Ways Jade Rolling Will Change Your Skincare

Jade rolling is the answer to beautiful skin - both inside and out. Easy to integrate into your AM/PM skincare ritual, you can roll your way to more beautiful skin by regularly rolling for 6 - 10 minutes each day. Learn more about how to properly use and clean your jade roller here.

Associated with wealth, good fortune and growth, jade has long been known as an imperial stone in China. Used by Chinese aristocracy dating all the back to the 17th century, this timeless skincare tool has five key benefits: 

1. Ease facial tension by rolling away pesky fine lines and wrinkles

Our faces have a total of 43 muscles and tense muscles can cause fine lines and wrinkles to form. Gently rolling the jade stone across your face releases the tension and improves the skin’s texture for a smoother complexion. 

2. Help your favorite serums penetrate your skin on a deeper level

Don't let your serums and moisturizers just sit on your face. Gently massage them into your skin using your roller so they better absorb into your skin. 

3. Improve circulation for a brighter, more even and healthier complexion

Light pressure and motion helps firm up and plump the skin as it improves the skin's elasticity. It's also great for soothing red, irritated skin as the natural cooling effect of the jade feels refreshing against your face. 

4. Reduce unflattering puffiness by encouraging lymphatic drainage 

A swollen/puffy face can reveal that you have a stagnated lymphatic system which means having a build up of cellular waste. Jade rolling reduces puffiness as it encourages lymphatic drainage throughout your face which reduces toxins while stimulating the flow of your lymph system. 

5. Release feelings of stress and ease headaches 

From our own experiences, we know all too well what stress can do to someone's skin. It increases your cortisol levels which disrupts your hormones and can cause small, angry red bumps to emerge the next day. The cold jade stone and the act of jade rolling can aid in easing anxiety and headaches. 

Sometimes we get messages from the community about how they were initially skeptical about whether their jade roller would be effective but how they now love it after trying it for themselves. See what Tao Radiant members have to say here

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