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Your Ultimate Guide To Facial Rolling

Your Ultimate Guide To Facial Rolling

We get asked a lot of questions when it comes to jade rolling. Besides being pretty to look at, jade rollers also have holistic skincare benefits that make it a frequently reached for tool. In this guide, we cover everything from when, where, and how to use your facial roller to what you should do to clean it. 

Whether you choose to use it in the morning to reduce puffiness or as a luxurious touch to your evening routine, we recommend jade rolling at the end of your AM/PM skincare rituals. First, cleanse your face before lightly patting in your toner. Then, apply several drops of serum and/or a light layer of rich moisturizer followed by 3 - 5 minutes of jade rolling for both the right and left side of your face. 

Apply light to moderate pressure when facial rolling. Be careful to avoid rolling over pimples to avoid rupturing them. Your jade roller can be used on these areas of your face and upper body: 

The large jade bead can be used on your neck, jawline, cheeks, and forehead. The small jade bead can be used for more delicate areas of your face such as under your eyes

In terms of the correct overall jade rolling technique, remember to always roll upwards and outwards. When facial rolling your cheeks, start from the center of your face and roll out towards the direction of your ears. 

After you finish jade rolling, be sure to wipe down each individual jade bead (both the large and small end) with warm water and mild soap. Then, dry with a soft towel before storing it away in the complimentary Tao Radiance velvet storage pouch. 

Also, here's a pro tip: Many members of the Tao Radiant community love to store their rollers in the fridge in-between uses. While jade has naturally cooling properties, placing it in the fridge increases its cooling effect. It feels twice as cold (especially in the summers, it's so refreshing) and helps speed up the depuffing process the next morning. 

We hope that this guide was helpful! If you have any questions, you can always reach us at hello@taoradiance.com 

Happy rolling! 

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